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UPSC i.e. Union Public Service Commission is a government organized exam which is termed as the most difficult exam an individual can attempt after graduation in order to become a highly successful government servant with loads of perks and benefits. A UPSC applicant is supposed to know everything regarding the subjects he chooses to appear for the exam in. The syllabus includes history, polity, basic science, geography, your interest of subject as option and many more which help you in clearing the paper.

UPSC exam has a very low passing rate which makes it a highly competitive paper where the passing rate is about 0.07% when applied and 0.157% when prelims are considered. The candidate applying should be Indian , must have done graduation from a recognized university and should be in the age limit of 21-32, where everything has deviations with respect to caste reservations which are briefly mentioned in this article.

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1.) Why for any information? provides data with precision which makes it a reliable website to search for all the helpful documents.

2.) Is Assam a good place to do job in UPSC sector?

ANS. YES. Assam is a good place to work when UPSC sector is considered because working environment of Assam is really good and helps in working for the state.

3.) Is the data provided in this website sufficient for the respective applicants when books are being considered for the preparation of UPSC?

ANS. YES. The detailed information provided here are verified as well as sufficient for the applicants as we built this platform to provide all the desired data, books and links at one place only. From links of applications forms to links of hall ticket and of helpful books required to qualify for exams and information of related documents, this website provides all the details. When UPSC exams are considered, all NCERT books are available with other books and exam paper solutions to help people of our website.

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ANS.For most of the online available books, yes, this website does allow free download as we believe everybody should get equal opportunity and material to learn and grow. The books like NCERT and reference books required to clear the paper are available here with links to download them .

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ANS. YES. This website provides all types of guidance for the preparation of various jobs and materials to help and develop the growing minds of applicants. For UPSC preparation , our website provides everything from links of exams application form to links of books and admit card.

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