Contact Us Contact Us: is a popular informing website about jobs in Assam. Candidates interested in joining government jobs available in state level (Assam) or national level of the government can definitely follow this website without any second thought. We always try to keep individual information for each category of jobs so that candidates feel easy to find the right one for them. Besides that they will get detail information within one single column of their selected job description. We know different expectations and needs of candidates so we try to deliver updated news time to time for keeping candidates in track of their job search.

We follow the aim of making India and Assam completely employed in near future. For that we work hard to encourage candidates in getting the right jobs. With the right process of job search both the candidates and our nations will get benefitted. We will get more young individuals who will contribute their creative thinking and logical strategy in improving things better. We can hope to get better services in future when developed mind and skilled professional will join different sectors to develop them. Candidates are free to contact us at any time in the given official phone number and email address of We have helping assistance part too for providing support to candidates for any kind of their queries regarding They can contact us for getting more details or clearing their doubts too. We are open to all for helping also that they can go through smoothly in their job preparation.

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  1. Are all kinds of jobs available in

Answer. Yes, candidates will find all kinds of jobs for various sectors of the government depending of their qualification.

  1. How will candidates be notified about any job?

Answer. Candidates must log in to for searching any jobs and they can active free job alert through this website.