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Assam Public Service Commission is a type of exam board like UPSC which provides government recruitments in various sectors like block development officer, assistant recruitment officer, sub registrar and many more. This exam is held each year in the state of Assam to recruit government officers for the development of Assam and can be attempted by any individual of India. Assam Public Service Commission is one of the toughest exam in the state which also comes with great perks and benefits as a government servant. The syllabus includes everything about history, polity, economics, and many subjects which are listed in this article as well. In this page you can find all the latest APSC Assam Recruitment with all the details.

Interestingly, APSC have changed their syllabus according to UPSC to make their candidates competitive enough to attempt UPSC as well as APSC. We hope that our youth studies well and clears exams they wish to with the help of our website. Our website has pledged to provide all the details like application forms, links to admit card, procedure to fill the form ,procedure to see results and many more things to help and guide the best of brains towards success.

All the ongoing & upcoming Jobs Opening Links for Assam Public Service Commission (APSC) are given below:

  • APSC Recruitment 2023 01 Vacancy for Conservation Officer (Last Date of Application : 5th Oct 2023)
  • APSC Recruitment 2023 08 Vacancy for Assistant Director (Last Date of Application : 2nd Oct 2023)
  • APSC Recruitment 2023– 01 Vacancy for Director of Economics and statistics (Last Date of Application: 30th Sep 2023)
  • APSC Recruitment 2023 11 Insurance Medical Officer (Last Date of Application: 25th Aug 2023)
  • APSC Recruitment 2023– Stenographer Grade-I Post (Last Date of Application: 25th July 2023)
  • APSC Recruitment 202310 Vacancies for Senior and Junior IPRO Posts(Last Date of Application: 17th, 18th July 2023)
  • APSC Recruitment 2023 – 206 Financial Management Officer & Urban Technical Officer Posts (Last Date of Application: 15th &16th June 2023)
  • APSC Recruitment 2023 91 Vacancy for Junior Manager Post (Last Date of Application: 11th June 2023)
  • APSC Recruitment 2023 18 Vacancies for Assistant Manager Post (Receiving of application ended on 10-June-2023)
  • APSC Recruitment 2023 –  30 Vacancy for Junior Manager Posts (Receiving of application ended on 04-June-2023)
  • APSC Recruitment 2023 – Assistant Archivist & Assistant Librarian posts (Last Date of Application: 25th May 2023)
  • APSC Recruitment 2023 Assistant Archivist & Assistant Librarian Post. (Receiving of application ended on 27-April-2023)
  • APSC Recruitment 2023 – Exploration Officer (Grade-II) Post – (Last Date of Application: 08th February 2023)
  • APSC Recruitment 2023 – Director Post (Directorate of Archives, Assam under Secretariat Administration (Estt.) Deptt.) – (Last Date of Application: 29th January 2023)
  • APSC Recruitment 2023 – Stenographer Grade-l (English) Post – (Last Date of Application: 26th January 2023)
  • APSC Recruitment 2023 – Various Posts – (Last Date of Application: 09th January 2023)

Below are some frequently asked questions about our website which are answered to assist your queries

1.) Why for the information?

ANS. provides all the data which are verified multiple times by our experts and handed over .

2.) Is Assam Public Service Commission a good recruitment for an aspiring individual?

ANS. YES. Assam Public Services is a very good recruitment for any youth as it pays handsomely and you get a lot of perks and benefits which are generally not provided in other sectors. With good salary and various perks, APSC also gives you great amount of work and respect for which youth works hard to qualify. In this page you can find all the latest APSC Assam Recruitment with all the details.

3.) Is the data provided in this website sufficient for the respective applicants when APSC selection qualifications are being considered?

ANS. YES. We are providing with each and every material an aspirant of APSC requires. From links of application form to admit card and books required to study for the exam, our website provides each and everything for the best of brains. APSC is one of the toughest papers which take place in Assam

4.) Does this website allow free downloads on books for entrance exams like APSC?

ANS. For most of the online available books, yes, this website does allow free download as we believe everybody should get equal opportunity and material to learn and grow. When APSC exam is considered, majority of the material is present with us, but do search for more of them as this exam has a very vast syllabus.

5.) Does helps in preparation of APSC exam with guidance from officers?

ANS. YES. This website provides all type of guidance for the preparation work and we do have sections where officers share their views that you can read and take inspiration from. Kindly read the whole article for your doubts.

We hope to help all the government and non- government recruitment applicants in fulfilling their dreams of desired careers and making India proud.


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